Wensleydale Craft Fairs

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All kinds of knitting, sewing and embroidery, including demonstrations.

Please contact the exhibitors for their dates.


by Linda James


A range of ladies’, men’s and children’s designs which are knitted on a knitting machine and then finished by hand.  Made from pure wool spun by Scottish spinners.  Also lace scarves made from silky acrylic crepe.


Tel:  01757 705900    

E-mail  lindajames551@gmail.com

Carrie’s Country Classics

 by Caroline Fisher


Hand-made, hand embroidered fabric crafts.

Tel: 01282 870059

E-mail carolinefisher211@btinternet.com



Other Needlecraft


We also exhibit and sell a range of handmade, beaded bags and gifts.

Our traditional rag rug artist and our  teddy bear maker have both recently retired.  Should you wish to fill one of these gaps, or would like to exhibit and sell other handicrafts, go to :


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with this link.




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