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Hawes Market House is spacious, well-maintained and welcoming. There is a kitchen with an adjoining café area serving local home-made refreshments. There are clean, accessible toilets. At the front of the building is an excellent second-hand bookshop, open most days of the year. There is plentiful catering and accommodation in Hawes and district.








































The Muker Show


 Muker is a picturesque village in Swaledale, a valley carved out of the limestone and gritstone by an ancient glacier. The Muker Show is a traditional Yorkshire agricultural show, with an  astonishing fell race, prizes for livestock (especially Swaledale sheep), local crafts etc..  Our craft fair marquee is well-lit and always well-attended.


Wednesday 4 September 2019




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Everyone who goes to Hawes sees the Market House’s wide-open doors. Entry to the craft fairs is FREE, and our home-made refreshments are very popular. 


There is wheel-chair access to the hall from the exhibitors’ car park on the left.


The building also contains an excellent second-hand bookshop.

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