CRAFTY BEADERS by Brian and Pauline Parker

Like many small businesses we started during lockdown, initially making for the girls in the family. The nurses at the local hospital buy our stud earrings and wine glass charms on a regular basis. We prefer to use wood and glass beads for our products when we can.

  1. Sandra mcgurk

    I bought the lemon necklace today from you at hawes finishedy outfit off perfectly

  2. Catherine Oates

    I purchased some earrings this weekend in Hawes and absolutely love them. Do you have a site or anything I could possibly look at in future to buy more.

    1. Pauline Parker

      Hello Catherine. Many thanks for both your purchase and for taking the time to ask about a web site. Unfortunately at the moment its not something we have( its way beyond my technical ability) although we have seriously thought about getting one set up. So just for now, it shopping in person only, but keep watching!
      We will be back in Hawes, Spring bank holiday weekend.
      My kind regards

  3. Pauline Parker

    Hello Sandra, I am so pleased you are happy with your purchase. I actually remember you choosing this one. Thank you for taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Regards, Pauline

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