I make a selection of fresh fudge one of which is for Diabetics. As the fudge is fresh it is creamy and doesn’t taste like a sugar cube as some fudge does
Photo of a wood carving by Ray Cheeseman
Wood Turned bowls and mushrooms and Wood Carvings
Hand Made throws
We use traditional techniques and locally sourced native hardwoods to make gifts and accessories for your home including chopping boards, cheese boards, fruit bowls, tea light holders, coffee tables and dining tables.
Hand made Bags and Accessories
Landscape Artist
Yorkshire Landscape Photography by Paul Heaton
Handcrafted sheepskin, fleece and wool cushions, greeting cards and gifts
Hand written, decorated verses and landscape colour sketches.
Handthrown glazed earthenware pottery
Jewellery made from British stones and Australian opal. We collect, cut and polish most of the stones, specialising in the beautifully marked Scottish agates. No two stones are alike, so each item is a unique, never-to-be-repeated individual.
Creating fine art of nature through pencils, digital and other mediums
Handcrafted soaps, hand lotion and shampoo
Beeswax wraps and related items
Papercraft and Hand Knitted Dolls
High quality jewellery
Painted wooden clothes pegs, boxes and other items
Viking Blacksmith – using traditional methods we forge and repair items from steel and iron, like railings, gates, heat treated and tempered decorative swords, bushcraft tools, outdoor cookware and more.
Sunbeam catchers to add colour to any space - made form an unusual combination of driftwood and beads. Contemporary jewellery for all occasions. Bespoke available.

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