ONE GOOD TURN by Mick (Mick Fitzpatrick)

One Good Turn came about when the volume of work got so big we needed to start looking at moving some of it out – I love making whether it’s in wood or acrylic.  Initially I had an Etsy shop but prefer a more direct contact with my customers.

I have been making wooden and acrylic small objects for a few years, starting before the Covid years.  I worked in an Art college for 26 years in Ceramics and Textiles where I was skilled in slip casting mould making; this led to a small army of ceramic snowmen being created many of which are still around today. Now that I am retired, I’ve moved on to wood and acrylic turning.  I like small decorative objects and pens, or other tools that can be made to look beautiful. I hope you like my work – there’s a snowman with your name on it I’m sure! 

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